cozy bathroom

Sometimes you just need a sanctuary and making your bathroom a place where you can get this comfort feeling is really great thought. So greedy fellows!! How to make a bathroom cozy.

Just follow these tips and there you go!


  • Begin making mental notes (of what you see in magazines, TV or movies) of things that change the mood of the basic function of the bathroom.

bathroom magazine


  •  Use more natural elements to decorate it.

How about photos that are not just ornamental but have scenes that help meditate? black and white of the ocean, forest, sand, sky…


  •   Use wood frames or the old fashion ornate ones instead of metal ones.


  •  Use some natural accents.
    • Something organic like seashells, sand, organic organizer or maybe a bamboo plant. It is not a good idea to use another kind of plant because they will need sun or need to be cleaned regularly.
    • Candles are always nice but must be kept clean not dusty.
  •   Try the Victorian look. If you are going for the Victorian look or shabby chic you can have strewn pearls or necklaces around.



  •   Use some complementary colors.
  • Towels that match are not necessary as long as they are all in the same classification such as color, texture, motif, lace etc.
  • Maybe a small table or chair with decoration.


  •   Use doilies or scarves on the tank or under items.


  •  Add Something small to read.


Additional Tips:

  • Have huge fluffy towels. Show them off or keep your own that is ready just for you, scented and fluffy in your drawer away from your kids, for your own personal use. Pay more just for one.
  • Have a bubble bath solution ready so that you can have that special alone time soaking and a pillow stashed away. Again, hide it from your kids in your drawer.